Sit, Stay, and Fetch

Is Your Large Dog Causing Problems When You Go On Walks? Take Them To A Dog Trainer

If you have a large dog and they pull every time you take them for a walk, this can be dangerous for you. A large dog could easily pull you down and you could injure yourself. To prevent this from happening, you should take your dog to a dog trainer. Below are some steps they take to help your dog walk calmly during your walks. 

The Leash

One of the most important things is to use the right type of leash when walking your dog. One thing to consider is a harness for your dog with the leash attached to it. Harnesses are commonly used because they help prevent your dog from pulling without hurting them. When choosing a harness, choose one that is leather, or nylon-padded. This is more comfortable for your dog to wear. You can find harnesses in a variety of colors and sizes so they will fit well on any size dog. 

If you do not like a harness, you can purchase a collar and leash but make sure the leash is not too long. You want it long enough to give your dog some freedom but not too long where it can get too far away from you. The dog trainer can help you choose the right length 

Leash Training

The dog trainer will first ask which side you want to walk your dog on. You need to carry treats with you to give your dog throughout your walk in the beginning. Choose healthy treats that they love. The dog trainer will have areas that are free from distractions to start with. Knowing you have treats available will be one way to keep your dog close to your side during your walks. The trainer will walk your dog and show you how they do this. 

The trainer will then ask you to walk your dog and watch how you do this. Over time your dog will continue to get better and better with leash training. The next step is when you get home and walk your dog. There will be many more distractions. Start leash training in your yard or stay on your street. Watch your dog and how they act when they see other animals. Give them a treat if they do not pull you. As your dog gets better at walking on a leash and you can walk for long periods of time you will not have to continually give them treats. 

A dog trainer can help in many other ways, such as obedience training and agility training.